Nidek YC-1800/GYC-1000 Combo Laser

Nidek’s YC-1800 and Nidek GYC-1000 combination Laser have been united to create the finest laser system available. The compact unit is employs the very latest technology. Its unmatched versatility has made the Nidek’s YC-1800 and Nidek GYC-1000 combination Laser the most popular laser system in the ophthalmic equipment market. NIDEK’s Combination YAG/Green laser (YC-1800/GYC-1000) is the ultimate system for today’s ophthalmic office, hospital, clinic or ASC.

NIDEK combination systems offer the benefit of maximum space saving and versatility. This system is ideal in small laser suites or crowded operating environments as well as making sound economic sense.

NIDEK combination lasers feature all the benefits of individual lasers and more.

Nidek YC-1800 & Nidek GYC-1000 Combination Laser Features:

  • Reduce laser lens reflections while maintaining laser-beam integrity.
  • Easy upgrade path from older Nidek laser models.
  • The only combo system with two individual systems that act as one.
  • New D-Pulse technology for high-stability pulse control and dual 635nm rotating aiming beams for superior visual sensitivity.
  • Facile connectivity between the Nidek YC-1800 and Nidek GYC-1000 for a wider range of treatment options.
  • The Nidek GYC-1000 is a compact green laser and offers solid-state technology for extended life, 1.7 W of laser energy, and a user-friendly, detachable control panel.

Combo Lasers

Dual Wavelength or Combination Laser Systems

Laser Locators offers new and used combination laser systems. These pieces of equipment feature combinations of SLT, YAG and 532/810/577 laser systems. For practices that offer multiple laser surgery options, combination lasers help to streamline procedures, consolidate equipment and save space. Laser Locators carries multiple lasers including LightMed LightLas Deux SLT/YAG, Lumenis Selecta Trio SLT/Yag/532 and the Lumenis Seleca Duet SLT/Yag.

Lumenis Selecta Trio SLT/YAG/532 Laser

The Lumenis Selecta Trio represents the next generation of multi-modality products, offering retinal, cataract and advanced glaucoma therapies in a single platform. The unit’s integrated design, enhanced optics system and advanced laser cavity make the Trio one of the highest performing laser products in the market – offering maximum flexibility with minimum footprint.

The Selecta Trio has all of the advantages of the Selecta Duet in SLT and YAG modes – along with proprietary advantages in photocoagulation mode.


  • Homogeneous Laser Beam
  • The advanced optics and laser delivery technology features uniform energy distribution across the entire laser spot area for more precise and safer treatment. The result is a homogenous laser spot with evenly distributed power across the full area of the spot, eliminating the potential risk for the formation of “hot spots”.
  • Dual Fiber Port
  • Instantly switch between delivery devices
  • Changing delivery devices is fast and easy. The Novus Spectra automatically senses the delivery devices connected to it. Laser parameters are adjusted internally to compensate for the chosen delivery device to maintain selected power density on the target tissue.

Optimized view of treatment site

  • The Lumenis ClearView™ filters’ photopic balanced coating eliminates color distortion of the treatment site while optimizing white light transmission or “brightness” of the physician’s view.
  • A proprietary coating protects the filter from environmental changes and scratches.
  • Accurate and safe laser beam guidance for fine-tuned laser application on target tissue.
  • Integrated LaserLink Cradle
  • Safely and conveniently stow the LaserLink in its dedicated cradle when not using the laser in photocoagulation mode.
  • Sharply defined and evenly distributed power on the retina; safe & low-power density at the cornea and the lens.  The unique and patented SureSpot optics technology from Lumenis ensures that the focal point of the laser beam is maintained on the retina while power density on the cornea and lens is minimized for increased safety.

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LIghtmed Selector Deux SLT YAG Combo Laser

SLT/YAG combo laser. Portable, reliable and a combination Yag and SLT all in one. This laser weighs only 60 lbs and can be used on any instrument table for easy access and portability.

YAG laser advantages:
grater patient comfort
short treatment times
reduced risk of IOL pitting
SLT laser advantages:
laserlight stimulates the body’s own healing response to lower eye pressure
effective as primary, adjunctive or repeat therapy
safe, office-based procedure
reimbursed by most insurance policies
LightLas SeLecTor is a combined unit which includes:
Q-Switched Nd:YAG (1064 nm)
Frequency doubled Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser (532 nm)
It can be used for Capsulotomy, Iridotomy and Selective Trabeculoplasty treatments.