Lumenis Selecta DUET SLT and Yag Combo Laser

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VERY rare laser and freshly refurbished by our Lumenis trained engineer. Go from SLT to Yag treatments in a snap with this convenient, and very efficient Lumenis Selecta Duet! Breakthrough SLT Technology and a Yag Photodisruptor in ONE Platform. The Lumenis Selecta Duet represents the industrys most advanced anteriorsegment laser, combining the advantages of YAG photodisruption capabilities along with the innovative Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) technology.

The systems fully integrated design, enhanced optics and advanced laser cavity make the Duet one of the best performing laser products in its segment.

The Duet is also the only upgradeable SLT and YAG combination Laser currently available in the market allowing you to further extend the units capabilities by adding photocoagulation technology at any point in time.

Proprietary Advanced Laser Design
Lumenis draws its strength & leadership from over 40 years of ophthalmic laser design and innovation. As the companys flagship multi-modality product, the Selecta represents the next generation of ophthalmic lasers by capitalizing on numerous proprietary features:

The Selecta automatically runs internal tests to ensure that every laser pulse meets your exact power requirements An advanced secondary control unit guarantees the power accuracy of each laser shot A unique temperature-controlled KTP crystal ensures the continuous accuracy and stability of the 532 nm (green) laser beam Advanced component selection, laser delivery technology and enhanced slit lamp optics provide you with consistently optimal performance from this robust laser platform Super Gaussian Beam Profile in YAG Mode The Selecta features a highly accurate Super Gaussian beam profile in order to achieve optical breakdown – or photo disruption with the lowest possible energy levels. This feature enhances the Selectas safety profile and allows you to perform capsulotomies on all types of intraocular lenses (IOL) with significantly lower risk of lens pitting or potential adversary effects. With the Selecta, you can achieve more efficient tissue cutting at lower power and with fewer shots.

Additional Features
Storage Space
The Selecta table is equipped with built-in compact storage space for lenses or other accessories.
Ergonomic Joystick with EZGrip Coating The ergonomically designed joystick includes a convenient integrated laser fire-switch.
Advanced Adjustable Offset
The Selecta features 3 posterior defocus positions with an adjustable focal point of up to 350 posterior to the aiming beam.
Magnification Changer
The Selecta full Slit Lamp function includes a 6-step magnification changer.
Electronic Height Adjustment
The Selecta table height can be easily adjusted using its electronic up/down switch.

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Lumenis Selecta DUET SLT and Yag Combo Laser