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We Offer the Brands You Know & Trust

Are you looking to buy a specific piece of equipment from manufacturers like Ellex, Bausch & Lomb or Ziemer? As an authorized distributor, we’ll help you get the equipment you need at the best price, as well as provide the service after the sale — all on your timeline, guaranteed.

Simply contact us and we’ll get started.


Laser Locators is an Authorized Distributor For:

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Buying, Selling & Servicing, Ophthalmic Equipment, Made Easy

At Laser Locators, we only sell lasers and diagnostic equipment that we can warranty, service or repair. We stand behind everything we do. Our company’s reputation and our people are our most valuable assets. We plan on keeping it that way.

We offer high quality new, pre-owned and refurbished ophthalmic equipment. Whether you’re in the market for new or refurbished, we can offer guidance and consultation on the solution that best meets your needs.


Let a Member of Sales Team Help find the Best Solutions

Our job is to continually monitor the ophthalmic equipment and laser market so you don’t have to. Our philosophy is rooted in the belief of doing what is in the best interest of the doctor and their practice.

Access to our inventory of new and refurbished ophthalmic equipment, products, and solutions will lower your supply costs and reduce the time you spend on searching for or selling your equipment. Our partnership with leading ophthalmic equipment and ophthalmic laser manufacturers will save you substantially when you choose Laser Locators.

Let our expert staff use their industry knowledge and purchasing power to negotiate savings on brand name equipment. Even if you choose to buy new directly from a manufacturer, our knowledge of the market conditions can help. You are welcome to ask us for our unbiased opinion on what you have been offered to ensure you are getting a fair deal. Contact Joey Colarulo, our Vice President of Sales.

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We sell or buy a variety of ophthalmic equipment from lanes to diagnostics to lasers

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