Zeiss Visulas YAG III Laser

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The Carl Zeiss VISULAS® YAG III photodisruption laser brings together third-generation optical experience, technological excellence and a deep understanding of practical applications. Its superbly focused yet gentle cutting action has earned the device its reputation as the “sensitive scalpel” amongst secondary cataract lasers. 

Optimized energy:

The high-precision Super-Gaussian beam profile of the VISULAS YAG III focuses the optimum amount of laser energy onto the point of treatment: only as  much as necessary. This allows successful disruption – optical breakdown – to take place at just 2.5 mJ in air. In turn, this allows you to offer sensitive, high-precision treatment to your patients using a minimum of laser energy. The pulse repetition frequency of 2.5 Hz also facilitates a fast workflow and short treatment times.

Fine adjustment of energy:

Offering 22 levels of energy attenuation, the VISULAS YAG III provides ample flexibility for different treatment techniques. The fine gradations at the lower end of the output range permit optimum regulation of the laser energy for the sensitive, minimally invasive treatment of your patients. 

Accurate focusing:

The variable focus shift sets the focal point of the aiming beam precisely and reproducibly before, behind or directly at the focal point of the disruption laser. No more clumsy, manual de-focusing based on the position of the ear membrane.  Thanks to this “safety distance”, damage to the tissue and intraocular lens during treatment is now also a thing of the past. This means greater comfort for you and your patients.

  • Hitting the target within 4 nanoseconds.
  • Fast. Simple. Successful.

For posterior capsulotomy or for iridotomy: the VISULAS® YAG III gets straight to the point. Its smooth power makes it ideal for use in ophthalmic practices – even busy ones with high patient volume.

Laser integrated slit lamp:

The high-grade laser beam source of the VISULAS YAG III is fully integrated into the laser slit lamp. A top quality ZEISS product, the laser slit lamp was designed primarily for use in laser therapy, yet can also be used as a fully-equipped diagnostic slit lamp. Its lowered illumination prism, short corneal microscope and slim design make it ideal for daily clinical use.

Precision targeting: 

The unique 4-point aiming beam of the VISULAS YAG III ensures a high degree of aiming accuracy. Astigmatic distortions are clearly highlighted by the 4-point aiming beam and the selected energy level can be corrected accordingly  before the laser beam is fired. The advantages are obvious: gentler treatment for your patients and extended life time for the laser source by avoiding “double firing”.

Perfectly coordinated processes The flexibly positionable control panel is the intelligent nerve centre of the VISULAS YAG III. Its compact format offers handy and convenient control of the user-friendly interface. The laser energy is always clearly visible on the illuminated and reflection-free touchscreen. The selected laser parameters can be finely adjusted using the ergonomically designed rotary knob. 


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Zeiss Visulas YAG III Laser