What is the Norlase LEAF

What is the Norlase LEAF

The Norlase LEAF™ will give ophthalmologists the flexibility in a green laser they have long desired. This system requires minimal set-up and requires very little space as compared to other lasers.

This innovative laser attaches to an existing slit lamp so it doesn’t require additional carts or table space.

Most importantly, this system has a fiberless design which reduces the need for repairs.

The Norlase LEAF™ has a very interesting design we could change the layout of the ophthalmologist's office as we know it. We will be keeping an eye on the rollout of this system and report our findings once we have had a chance to mount and fire it.

I am excited to try this laser and wish I was able to check it out at AAO San Francisco in 2019, which seems like it was so long ago.  While the design is probably every ophthalmologist dream for a retinal laser, I am curious to see how robust the adapter is being it would have so many electronics and the laser diode self-contained within it. Another interesting feature is that the tablet operates via voice command and blue tooth.

In theory not having a fiber cable would drastically reduce the maintenance costs assuming the laser stays within alignment.  I have years of experience with other lasers that are self-contained within the delivery adapter, if this design is successful I can see so many other manufacturers following suit, and perhaps we will then see YAG and SLT lasers of the same design.  It is no secret that the Haag Streit BM900 and BQ900s are the best slit lamps our industry offers, it's been that way for years.  If Ophthalmologists can use them to do all laser treatments, this would be game-changing to the laser world.

For more information, visit the Norlase LEAF site.

Please contact us when you are ready to upgrade any of your ophthalmic equipment so that we can assist you in remarketing your used devices.

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