Femtosecond Lasers

Femtosecond Lasers

Laser Locators has refurbished femtosecond lasers currently available for practices seeking LASIK or cataract surgery equipment. Some of the models of used femtosecond lasers we carry include the Ziemer Classic LDV, Ziemer Crystalline, Alcon LenSx and most AMO Intralase Models including the Model 1, Model 2 FS60 and the 150Hz iFS. Our lasers are refurbished and working to factory specifications, many include a factory warranty, please inquire for details.

Ziemer LCS Lamellar Corneal Surgery Handpiece for Femto LDV Femtosecond Laser

Ziemer LCS Lamellar Corneal Surgery Handpiece Kit for Femto LDV Femtosecond Laser.

The LCS handpiece is based on the same technical principles as the LASIK handpieces. It also
includes an integrated TopView Camera, and allows for the following methods1:
– Intracorneal Rings (ICR): Circular tunnels incisions for ring-type corneal implants (e.g. Corneal
Rings®, KeraRings®, Ferrara Rings®, Intacs®).
– Intrastromal pockets (ISP): Preparation of intrastromal circular pockets for corneal inlays (e.g.
AcuFocus® inlays, MyoRing intracorneal rings).
– Lamellar Keratoplasty (LK): Preparation of lamellar grafts and lamellar resection of corneal tissue.

This kit includes everything you need to upgrade!  Save THOUSANDS from new.  Upgrade your Ziemer femto with this LCS Handpiece

Ziemer Femtosecond Laser Classic LDV

Z-LASIK is a LASIK procedure performed with the Ziemer FEMTO LDV Femtosecond Laser. We offer factory training, installation and delivery of your new Ziemer laser. Currently in stock and available for immediate sale.

Our Ziemer Femtos are refurbished by trained engineers and handled with care, prepared for a global shipment.

Z-LASIK is a LASIK procedure performed with the Ziemer FEMTO LDV Femtosecond Surgical Laser in conjunction with any one of the leading excimer lasers. With the combined use of state of-the-art lasers and diagnostic equipment, Z-LASIK provides the best currently available treatment for superior vision correction.

Refractive surgery is driven to perfection with Ziemer’s surgical lasers.  Compared to the conventional femtolasers, FEMTO LDV systems operate at pulse rates that are orders of magnitude higher, pulse energies that are much lower, and delivery optics that are very tightly focused for maximum tissue disruption in the focal spot and no thermal or radiation effects to the surrounding tissue.

Ziemer CrystalLine Femtosecond Laser System

Ziemer’s FEMTO LDV CrystalLine’s mobile femtosecond surgical laser, has been conceived to provide a versatile, powerful platform for a wide spectrum of applications in corneal surgery. The basic system addresses the demand of refractive surgeons for an “all-Laser LASIK” capability that is consistent with an efficient LASIK work-flow. The solution by Ziemer is based on an all-new femtolaser design concept that seamlessly integrates into LASIK procedures and corneal surgery.

FEMTO LDV™ CrystalLine Femtosecond Surgical Laser Features

  • Mobile system
  • Smooth surface of stromal bed
  • Smooth edges for optimal flap closure
  • Thin flaps of even thickness
  • Rapid healing and visual recovery
  • Excellent visual outcomes
  • Advanced corneal surgery

ApprovalCE marked C0297
FDA 510K cleared
Humidity< 90%
DimensionsBase Station Footprint:
95cm (L) x 70cm (W)

System Height:
100cm (floor to fixed mirror articulating arm), adjustable from 95 to 125cm, or 85 to 115cm
139cm (floor to top of screen)
Laser SpecsMode-locked diode pumped near IR laser (doped Ytterbium)
Laser Class: IIIb
Temperature Requirements 18°C to 24°C (17°F to 65°F)

AMO Intralase Model I Femtosecond FS Laser

We are well equipped to handle your international needs and are experts in preparing your laser for a global shipment. Retrospective analysis comparing LASIK results with IntraLase Technology versus the two leading microkeratomes demonstrated that IntraLase Laser System performed better in three areas important to LASIK results and safety: flap thickness, induced astigmatism, and cell injury. There are fewer flap-related complications with the IntraLase Method.

The first femtosecond laser approved for bladeless LASIK in the United States was the IntraLase Mode I laser, which gained FDA approval in 2001. IntraLase Inc. later introduced several new models of this laser with advanced features.  This laser is the pioneer of bladeless Lasik surgery!

As an alternative to microkeratomes, bladeless LASIK creates flaps through infrared laser energy that inserts a precise pattern of tiny, overlapping spaces just below the corneal surface.

The femtosecond laser used in bladeless LASIK procedures operates at extremely high speeds (pulses of one quadrillionth of a second), allowing tissue to be targeted and divided at a molecular level without heat or impact to surrounding tissue.

 We are well equipped to handle your international needs and are experts in preparing your laser for a global shipment.