Johnson & Johnson Intralase IFS 150hz Femtosecond Laser System

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AMO’s latest-generation Intralase femtosecond laser (iFS) gained FDA approval in 2008. This is the latest model, iFS, and it features a repetition rate of 150 kHz and can create a LASIK flap in less than 10 seconds. This is one of the fastest femtosecond lasers on the market. The iFS Laser System delivers micron-level accuracy 100% greater than a microkeratome for more accurate and consistent flap thickness, which is instrumental for a successful LASIK outcome. The Intralase has revolutionized the safety, reliability, precision, and predictability of LASIK surgery to unprecedented levels.

The IntraLase laser creates a distinctive beveled-edge flap, which allows for precise repositioning, alignment, and seating after the LASIK procedure is completed. This feature helps reduce the risk of flap displacement, a complication seen with microkeratome flaps.

Benefits from iFS:

  • Reduced risk of dry eye
  • No risk of corneal abrasion
  • Minimal risk of sight-threatening events (free caps, globe penetration, buttonhole flaps, decentered flaps, and/or incomplete cuts)


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Johnson & Johnson Intralase IFS 150hz Femtosecond Laser System