Ziemer Femtosecond Laser Classic LDV

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Z-LASIK is a LASIK procedure performed with the Ziemer FEMTO LDV Femtosecond Laser. We offer factory training, installation and delivery of your new Ziemer laser. Currently in stock and available for immediate sale.

Our Ziemer Femtos are refurbished by trained engineers and handled with care, prepared for a global shipment.

Z-LASIK is a LASIK procedure performed with the Ziemer FEMTO LDV Femtosecond Surgical Laser in conjunction with any one of the leading excimer lasers. With the combined use of state of-the-art lasers and diagnostic equipment, Z-LASIK provides the best currently available treatment for superior vision correction.

Refractive surgery is driven to perfection with Ziemer’s surgical lasers.  Compared to the conventional femtolasers, FEMTO LDV systems operate at pulse rates that are orders of magnitude higher, pulse energies that are much lower, and delivery optics that are very tightly focused for maximum tissue disruption in the focal spot and no thermal or radiation effects to the surrounding tissue.


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Ziemer Femtosecond Laser Classic LDV