Ellex Ultra Q Yag Laser System

Condition: Refurbished
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New inventory! This yag will be fully refubished, calibrated and sold with a full1 1 year warranty. VERY rare laser on the used market.

The Ellex Ultra Q is the ophthalmic industry’s premier capsulotomy and iridotomy laser. With a firing rate of up to 3 hertz, it is the industry’s fastest photodisruptor. The Ultra Q also features a custom-designed laser cavity tested to deliver an exceptional lifespan, as well as a fine, two-point focusing system that provides a level of precision other photodisruptors simply cannot achieve.
The newest IOL materials are often more sensitive to laser energy, which poses new challenges when performing capsulotomy treatments. The Ultra Q incorporates Ellex’s most refined YAG laser technology, which produces an Ultra Gaussian treatment beam and enables consistent optical breakdown at ultra-low energy. This, in turn, results in less risk of lens pitting, more efficient tissue cutting with fewer shots, less cumulative energy delivered and faster procedures.


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Ellex Ultra Q Yag Laser System