Alcon Luxor LX3 Surgical Ophthalmic Microscope

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Fully Refurbished Alcon LuxOR LX3 Surgical Ophthalmic Microscope with ILLUMIN-i AMP and Foot Pedal

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This Ophthalmic Microscope has been fully tested and refurbished by our staff, then serviced by Prescott’s to ensure accuracy, quality and reliability.

We guarantee this Microscope to be working to specification and include a full warranty.

Superior technology for superior visualization

Only the LuxOR LX3 with Q-VUE Ophthalmic Microscope features all of the following unique technologies during every type of ophthalmic surgery:

  • ILLUMIN-i technology delivers a 6x-larger, highly stable red reflex zone and a greater depth of focus
  • New LX3 floor stand combines increased mobility and functional design to improve surgeon and staff experience
  • Q-VUE Assistant Visualization provides a 3-D stereo assistant scope that takes no light from the surgeon’s optical pathway
  • AMP technology delivers more light during retinal procedures LuxOR


Q-VUE Assistant Visualization

Provides a 3-D Stereo Assistant Scope

  • Utilizes four independent optical pathways
  • Maintains a 100% light transmission for the surgeon and assistant
  • Features an independent magnification changer
  • Swivels 180° for positioning convenience


ILLUMIN-i Technology

Experience unprecedented red reflex stability

On traditional ophthalmic microscopes, the objective lens is positioned below the light source, so light beams pass through the lens and focus down to a point. The illuminated area is relatively small, making red reflex more susceptible to patient movement and other variables.

With proprietary ILLU MIN -i technology, however, the objective lens on LuxOR Microscopes is positioned above the light source, so light beams remain collimated instead of focused. These collimated beams illuminate an expanded visual field, delivering:

  • Expanded visual field with a 6x-larger, highly stable red reflex zone1
  • Greater depth of focus without increasing working distance1
  • Crisp visualization during every intraoperative phase


See more than ever before with greater depth of focus

Standard microscopes can only focus on a small cross-section of the eye at any given time. This requires surgeons to readjust focus multiple times as deeper planes are reached throughout the procedure.

Raising the objective lens above the light source, ILLUMIN-i technology increases the focal length between the lens and the patient’s eye by approximately 65 mm. Greater focal length equates to greater depth of focus, so ILLUMIN-i technology enables:

  • Exceptionally superior visualization of the entire chamber at once
  • Unprecedented detail recognition and contrast in every intraoperative phase
  • Less focus adjustment for more efficient procedures


AMP Technology

Get more light during vitreoretinal procedures Ideal for work in the posterior capsule, patented AMP technology is available exclusively on LuxOR Ophthalmic Microscopes:

  • The flip of a switch shifts the beam splitter plate out of your optical path
  • 100% of the retro-illuminated light from the patient’s eye is transmitted back through the optics
  • Superior visualization of the retina


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Alcon Luxor LX3 Surgical Ophthalmic Microscope