Alcon Constellation Phaco Vitrectomy System with Purepoint Green Laser

Condition: Refurbished
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Refurbished Alcon Constellation Vision System Phacoemulsification Vitrectomy Machine with Purepoint Green Laser, One Re-certified Handpiece, and Foot Switch
This unit has been fully refurbished by our in-house technicians. The handpiece was sent to a certified third party to be inspected, serviced and fully refurbished.

A complete report and documentation is included with the sale.

The Purepoint 532nm green laser has also been tested, calibrated and is firing within specifications.

The Constellation Vision System allows the surgeon to modify duty cycle to control flow independent of vacuum and cut rate. The surgeon is given the ability to select 3 different duty cycle options at any given cut rate, Port Biased Open, 50/50, or Port Biased Closed.

The IOP Compensation feature provides control of Infusion Pressure which results in more stable IOP.


The Constellation Illuminator incorporates ENGAUGE Radio Frequency Identification Device Technology (RFID) to recognize light probe gauge size and automatically adjusts light intensity. The CONSTELLATION® Xenon Illuminator has been designed to provide long-lasting high brightness illumination.

Integrated Alcon Purepoint Laser:

Features include voice confirmation, the multi-function foot switch, ENGAUGE RFID, and dual laser attachment ports.

V-LOCITY Efficiency Components including ENGAUGE® RFID and other automated features have been designed to optimize OR set up, enhance the surgical experience, and increase OR productivity.

  • Set Up Efficiency Components
  • Push Prime
  • Integrated Pressurized Infusion
  • Articulating Tray Arm
  • Bar Code Scanner
  • Video Direction For Use
  • Surgical Efficiencies Components
  • Auto Fluid/Air Exchange Valve
  • Auto Gas Fill
  • Integrated Pressurized Infusion
  • Integrated Purepoint Laser
  • Proportional Diathermy
  • End of Case Reporting Efficiency Components
  • Laser Form
  • Case Form
  • Consumables List
  • Case Metrics for Anterior, Posterior, and Laser components

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Alcon Constellation Phaco Vitrectomy System with Purepoint Green Laser