Laser Locators provides technology solutions for a study conducted by IBM, Stony Brook, and Rutgers University

Dr. James J. Wynne is an American physicist at the IBM Watson Research Center in New York and has pioneered the use of excimer lasers for medical and surgical applications – most notably, LASIK. In 2013, he was awarded the National Medal of Technology and Innovation from President Obama. Dr. Wynne has become a good friend to us here at Laser Locators and is now using laser technology to debride burn patients.

At Laser Locators, we strive to provide the best of breed solutions for our clients and are proud to have supplied the equipment used in a study recently conducted by Dr. Wynne that explores how to treat burn patients with the use of excimer lasers.

Our engineers and service technicians delivered and installed the Nidek EC-5000 Corneal Surgery System that was used in the study. The Nidek EC-5000 excimer laser system is one of the most reliable and accurate systems on the market. Researchers found that the laser was able to debride burns without affecting surrounding healthy tissue, and with minimal loss of blood. The study was published by the BURNS Press medical journal and is available online. Dr. Wynne co-authored the study along with other researchers from Stony Brook University and Rutgers University.

Laser Locators is proud to have played a small part in this intriguing study, and we will continue to provide training and service to all our clients. Dr. Wynne is a great friend and partner who has come to our facility in Tampa many times to have lunch and spend time with our team. We look forward to learning more about his innovative applications of laser technology and hope to be a part of that innovation as a provider of high-quality ophthalmic and surgical equipment for doctors and researchers anywhere in the world.

To read the full study, click the PDF link below.

Prasad et al 2018_BURNS_Article in Press