Endo Optiks E2 ECP Laser

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Incredibly rare on the used market. This Endo Optiks E2 MicroProbe is a portatable laser and endoscopy system. The condition is excellent, and everything shown in the photos is included. Our technician has inspected and tested this unit to ensure it is operating to specification.

This complete system consists of:

  • Therapeutic Laser System
  • Endoscope
  • LCD Monitor
  • Footswitch
  • Carry Case
  • Illuminator
  • Manual
  • Extra probes and accessories

This compact unit creates the opportunity to simultaneously image and photocoagulate the ciliary processes through a corneal incision. It is especially indicated for the safe and effective treatment of glaucoma in combination with cataract surgery. Important vitreo-retinal applications can be realized. It can be used for the contact and non-contact excision, hemostatis, incision and vaporization of soft tissue.

The CCD camera is used to process the image obtained by the fiberoptic endoscope and display it on the video display. There is a Video Camera BNC connector Input and Outputs located at the Back Panel. The Video Camera Cable Output can be plugged into the Video Camera Cable Input or a remote Video Camera Cable Input can be used.

Diode lasers are small semiconductor devices consisting of a sandwich of gallium-aluminum arsenate crystalline materials and end mirrors. The electrons of the crystal are raised to an excited energy state by an electrical current. When the electrons return to their original energy state, photons are emitted.

In the laser cavity, these emitted photons are trapped between the cladding layers and the end mirrors. When a photon passes close to an excited electron, the electron will be stimulated to emit another photon that is identical in wavelength and phase to the first. This amplification process continues, increasing the number of active photons as the photon light beam is reflected back and forth between the cavity mirrors. One of these mirrors releases a percentage of the energy hitting its surface resulting in the infrared laser light.

The frequency of the diode laser employed in this system is 810nm. This laser is intended only for the use of physicians who are trained in operation of laser photocoagulators. Training in the therapeutic use of lasers is available in medical courses and seminars offered throughout the world.


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Endo Optiks E2 ECP Laser