Surgeon Reactions to the LensAR™ Laser System

Top surgeons recently traveled to the Eye Institute of the Sacred Heart in Lima, Peru, to observe and perform refractive cataract surgery using femtosecond laser technology. Surgeons Skip Nichamin, MD; Frank Bucci, MD; Sunil Shah, MBBS, FRCOphth, FRCS Ed, FBCLA; Denise Visco, MD; William Wiley, MD, and Bruce Wallace MD, discussed their first experiences using the LensAR system, its ease of use, proprietary imaging system, and its capacity to detect lens tilt. They also discussed the properties of the LensAR system that help to achieve a perfect capsulorhexis every time and to fragment even the densest of nuclei. “So far, we have had nothing but perfect capsulorhexes in all of our cases using the LensAR system,” said Skip Nichamin, MD.

Despite this being the first time these surgeons used this technology, “nobody has had any problems whatsoever, which for the first time use of a laser, has to be considered quite amazing,” explains Sunil Shah, MBBS, FRCOphth, FRCS Ed, FBCLA. “And the results, quite frankly, are spectacular.”

LensAR unveiled its new commercial system during a five-day surgical skills transfer for 16 ophthalmologists performing 64 cases using the new system. The hosting surgeons were Manuel Perez Martinot, MD, MPH, at the Instituto de Ojos Sacro Cuore in Miraflores, Peru, and Frank Bucci, MD, of Wilkes-Barre, PA.

The LensAR proved to be ergonomically designed to fit seamlessly in with other ophthalmic equipment. The surgeons noted that the LensAR made it easier to cataracts with the corneal contrast, and the 3D CSI superior imaging system is amazing and it gives you better safety and accuracy over the OCT systems.  The precision of the LensAR with its liquid interface laser delivery offers superior accuracy and a true picture of the eye, which eliminates a distorted view of the cornea that comes with touch.

Using the new LLS femtosecond refractive cataract laser from LensAR, you can “expect excellent results” and the technology is “here to stay” explains Sunil Shah, FRCOphth, FRCS(Ed), FBCLA.

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