LASIK Industry Pioneer Visits Laser Locators

The management team at Laser Locators was honored yesterday with a visit from Dr. Jim Wynne, an industry pioneer who has received the National Medal of Technology and Innovation for his role in inventing the underlying technology used in LASIK surgery.

This was Dr. Wynne’s second visit to Laser Locators. He had heard about the company from one of the laser manufacturers and looked into their reputation and decided it warranted a visit.

“What a pleasure it was to meet one of the greatest minds in the industry,” said Laser Locators CEO Sean O’Donnell. “Without him and his fellow IBM scientists, my business may not even exist.”

Not one to stay still, Dr. Wynne is currently looking into using the excimer laser to debride necrotic tissue from burn victims. Because the wavelength of the laser stops automatically when it reaches healthy tissue it is much safer, far less painful, and healing time is 4 times faster. The first patients in the study will be patients that have burns on the soft tissue around the eye and the eyelids. If you can save the patient eyelid it will prevent blindness in those patients.

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