LASIK is more than just seeing better- it’s choosing better as well

Refractive surgical procedures have increased significantly in the past few years. The most recent surveys from the American Academy of Ophthalmology report that there were approximately 800,000 refractive surgical procedures performed in 2010, up more than 50,000 from 2009. As refractive and laser vision correction procedures continue to rise, choosing with the proper doctor is essential to achieving the best results for improving your vision. With procedures like LASIK and cataract surgery so popular, quality vision correction requires exact precision from a surgeon who is educated and knowledgeable of the latest technology.

Thanks to recent developments in laser correction technology, LASIK and refractive eye surgeons are able to significantly reduce the risks and side effects of procedures to a minimal amount. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, LASIK surgery complications now occur in less than 5{0730eed075b45d9e50c00d6cd42dd08773e0164f29a45151808bf89051290974} of all cases. But in order to maintain such a high degree of success, surgeons must pursue continued education in techniques and procedures in addition to their normal patient care. Patients should be sure to choose a qualified and experienced surgeon who is active in the ophthalmologic community Society of Refractive Surgery) and who has a strict attention to detail, patient safety and health.

Another important step to take in your search for the right eye doctor is taking time to meet a surgeon and his or her staff while researching their credentials before undergoing any procedure. Through individualized and personal attention of each patient’s needs, while maintain open communication, is the best way to achieve the right results for each individual.

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