Jerry Cotto

Jerry Cotto

Service Engineer

jerry2 Jerry Cotto

Jerry brings more than 15 years of medical and technical experience to his role as Service Engineer at Laser Locators. Starting in 1996, he worked as an LPN until he transitioned to ophthalmic technician. His medical knowledge gave him a base when he began installing, servicing and repairing equipment. He completed his nursing degree in 2011 and is currently licensed as an RN with two years experience in trauma.

Jerry has more than 10 years of experience as a Senior Field Service Engineer working with systems such as Excimer Lasers and WaveScans. He has experience down to the component level, making sure equipment is working at optimal levels. Over the course of his career, Jerry has worked around North America from the Caribbean to California to New York. He’s a skilled manager and can accurately address equipment issues for doctors from hospitals or private practices.

Jerry is multi-lingual with fluency in English, Spanish and Italian. He also served with the United States Air Force. In his spare time, he enjoys martial arts, motorcycles and music.