(Laser Locators is a trusted reseller of Tomey equipment.)

For over 40 years, Tomey has been the worldwide leader in the eyecare industry producing user friendly and accurate devices at affordable costs. Through Computed Anatomy,Tomey has pioneered the Corneal Topography market and continues to work at the forefront of today’s optometric and ophthalmic instrumentations.

Tomey offers units that include comprehensive and powerful software packages that are both easy to understand and use to ensure the latest technological advancements. Tomey’s topographers are aligned for today’s busy practice, utilizing a minimum amount of space and operator time. With Tomey’s overwhelming success in the field, its company devices extend beyond topography. Tomey also offers a line of Autolensmeters that deem manual lensmeters obsolete with their ease of operation and small footprint features. Tomey’s line of Autorefractors and AutoRefractorKeratometers utilize the company’s video proficiency in order to make operability quick and efficient for both patient and operator.

Our ophthalmic diagnostic products include

  • Corneal topographers
  • Specular microscopes
  • Multifunctional
  • Auto refractors
  • Non-contact tonometer
  • Ultrasound
  • Auto lensmeters