Takagi OM-9 Operating Microscope

OM-9 is a new Compact High-performance Operating Microscope delivering high efficiency and multipurpose functionality, complete with new state-of-the-art LED light source.
OM-9 is the perfect choice giving complete product satisfaction to the operator, and offering the highest level of patient safety.

Renewed Design

  • Most cables are concealed minimizing dust attachments and reducing interference between operator and instrument.
  • Cables for connecting an imaging system can also be concealed, achieving a sleek stylish hygienic design.
  • New product color scheme adds to the overall high quality feeling.


Tiltable binocular tubes are available, which can incline more than 90° depending on the posture and physique of the operating surgeon.

  • Movable range: 0° (straight) to 90° (inclined)
  • Microscope Tilting Mechanism
  • By adopting the knob interlock system, the microscope tilts back and forth easily, necessary in the application of glaucoma surgery.
  • Movable range: around ±30°
  • Fundus Observation Devices Adaptations
  • Oculus BIOM adaptation and EIBOS 2 adaptation of HaagStreit Surgical are available for OM-9.