Nidek ConfoScan 4

The NIDEK ConfoScan4 is the only instrument that combines confocal microscopy, endothelial microscopy and accurate pachymetry in one compact unit. 3 Units in one!

  • High Precision
  • Full Cornea Scan
  • Opacity Error Free
  • Extra Large Measurement Areas

Confocal Microscope with 40X Probe

  • Gel immersion exam
  • Fully automatic alignment
  • Imaging through corneal haze and opacities
  • examination time below 15 sec.
  • Full cornea, endothelium or epithelium scan
  • Real-time in-vivo histology
  • Multiple internal fixation mires

Non-Contact Endothelial Microscope with 20X probe

  • Fully non-contact (12 mm working distance in air)
  • High quality imaging through corneal haze and opacities
  • Wider measurement area (up to 1000 cells/exam)
  • Fully automatic cell count and endothelial density measurement
  • Increases reimbursable exams

Confocal Pachymeter with Z-Ring

  • Innovative pachymetry technique
  • Pachymetry through corneal haze and opacities
  • High precision confocal pachymetry
  • +/- 5 microns instrumental accuracy
  • Z-Ring increases image stability
  • Precise location of corneal layers and structures

Konan CellChek XL Specular Microscope

Konan sets the standard for specular microscopy with strong clinical evidence, ease of use, and patented analysis methods that can reliably assess even problematic endothelium.

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Fully Automated
Konan’s CellChek specular microscope features auto-align, auto-focus, auto-caputure, auto-analysis, and auto-pachymetry for one-button ease of use. But this is where others end. Konan additionally includes semi-automated methods (see Analysis Methods section) to make robust use of minim numbers of observable cells with advanced disease state corneas.

Trends Analysis – Only from Konan
Konan’s patented capture method acquires data samples that include position data which can allow accurate re-assessment of same specular data sample areas to trend cellular statistics over time. Trends analysis is critical to understanding your chosen treatment responses and progression or arrest of disease.

FDA 510(k) cleared under “Specular Microscopes” Product Code NQE. Why accept anything less than the assurance of the FDA’s review for both imaging and assessment of the corneal endothelial cell layer, morphology of endothelial cells, and corneal pachymetry.

Specular Microscopes

Specular Microscopes

For practices that want greater detail on a cellular level than biomicroscopy provides, browse Laser Locators’ refurbished specular microscopes. We offer several model options including the Konan Noncon Robo and Topcon SP-2000P to meet your specular microscope needs.

Topcon SP-2000P Specular Microscope Endothelial cell counter

Dual Measurement System:

Corneal Endothelium Measurement
Corneal Thickness Measurement

Alignment System:

This innovative auto alignment and auto capture system ensures ease of operation and reliable results.

Built-In Fixation Targets:

Corneal thickness and endothelium images can obtained of the central and four peripheral areas.
Peripheral fixation is established at the 12,2,6 and 10 o’clock positions.
Different colored LED’s aid in patient compliance.


The SP-2000P captures the image of the endothelium cells and calculates cornea thickness by a unique method that does not require touching the cornea. This patented procedure eliminates the risk of transmitting infectious disease and reduces potential physical injury to the eye. Patient comfort is increased. Because of greater patient cooperation, the examination time is greatly reduced.
Due to the non-contact operation, image acquisition can be obtained through contact lenses which allows the cell condition to be observed while fitting contacts.

Light Source For observation : Near infrared Light

For photography : Max. 60W sec. Xenon Flash;
Low & High adjustments

Photographic Area 0.2 × 0.5mm
Working Distance 25mm

Cell Counting Grid 1000 / 1500 / 2000 / 2500 / 3000 cell/mm

Image Memory 3 images for each eye (Total 6 Images)

Automatic Shut-off Standard

Power Voltage AC100, 120, 220, 240V 50 / 60 Hz

Power Consumption 110VA

Base Travel 40mm (back & forth), 88mm (right& left)
Head Travel 10mm (back & forth), 10mm (right& left)
30 mm (motorized vertical movement)
Chinrest Vertical Travel 60mm
Dimensions: 274(W) × 485(D) × 410(H)mm
Weight: 20kg

Konan Noncon Robo Specular Microscope

Konan Noncon Specular Microscope NONCON ROBO for sale! This scope is the Gold Standard for Microscopy. This unit has been lightly used and stored properly. We just completed our refurbishment process and its working wonderfully.

Konan….the Gold Standard

Since 1947, Konan has been a world leader in innovative optical products, developing the first non-contact specular microscope in 1979.

Konan is the pioneer in Specular Microscopy, offering solid innovation for more than 60 years.

Why Specular Microscopy?

Konan specular microscopes provide cellular level views of the endothelium. Fast, simple, fully-automated, and delegated.
Biomicroscopy alone will routinely miss many dystrophies and endothelial problems.