Quantel SoLuTis SLT Glaucoma Laser System w Haag Style Attachment SLA & Case

This SoLuTis is in excellent refurbished condition and has been fully serviced by our technicians at our headquarter’s facility in Tampa, Florida, USA. Please be sure to view our videos showing the refurbishment process, our facility and staff to learn more about our company.

This laser is firing at manufacturer’s specifications and is guaranteed to be calibrated to the factory standard. Our highly trained laser engineer has verified the laser’s operation and condition.

The Quantel Solutis SLT is designed to connect to your existing Haag style slit lamp.

SLT Laser (selective trabeculoplasty – 532nm)

First-line or adjunct glaucoma therapy

Repeatable laser procedure

Portable, “clips-on” to slit lamp

Quantel Medical’s cutting edge laser technology has brought constant innovations to glaucoma physicians. The SoLuTis is a Q-Switched 532nm SLT laser that adapts to Haag Streit type slit lamps. This laser offers an excellent alternative to eyedrops, surgery and classic laser procedures, improving Glaucoma treatment for both the patient and the physician.


Laser source: Q-Switched, frequency doubled Nd:YAG

Laser: green 532 nm

Energy: 0.2 to 2 mJ

Pulse duration: 4 ns

Repetition rate: up to 2.5 Hz

Pulse mode: simple pusle

Aiming beam: 650 nm

Magnification: according to type of slit lamp

Cooling: air cooled

Power requirements:  100 – 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz

Slit lamp compatibility: Quantel Medical slit lamp, Haag Streit 900 BM & BQ


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Quantel Medical Axis Nano A Scan w Laptop Probe Foot Switch & Manual Ophthalmic

Quantel Medical Axis Nano A Scan w Laptop, Probe, Foot Switch & Manual. This A Scan is in excellent cosmetic condition and has been clinically tested by our staff to ensure accuracy.
This unit has been tested and refurbished by our in-house technicians and is working to the manufacturer’s specifications. 
Please review photos showing all accessories included.  Shipping is fast and free! 

QUANTEL MEDICAL Vitra 532 Green Argon Laser with Zeiss Style Slit Lamp Attachment

Laser Includes slit lamp delivery attachment suitable for Zeiss style slit lamps. These are quite rare on the used market and this is a significant savings from new!

Small-Scale Laser, big-time performance!

The Vitra 532 nm laser revolutionized the principles of retinal photocoagulation.

Small, handy and practical, the laser quickly won over the ophthalmological community.

Small enough to fit easily into every kind of work environment; lightweight for easy transport in specially designed case

  • 532nm laser: Solid-State Technology
  • An innovative laser cavity — innovative structure and components
  • A sealed, modular cavity that limits risks of misalignment and power loss
  • Reliable, accurate, robust measurements
  • 532 nm wavelength — the standard in retinal photocoagulation
  • A powerful laser: 1.5 W « cavity output »
  • Wide range of emission modes: single, repeat, continuous and painting
  • 532 nm laser: Ergonomy
  • Touch-screen
  • User-friendly, intuitive color screen
  • Wide screen for better visibility

Intuitive Software

  • User interface — fast, simple settings
  • Quickstart feature — control buttons on a touch-screen
  • User settings — Customizable settings
  • Clear choice of terminal — Versatile
  • Touch-screen — high-performance display
  • Customization — quickstart function
  • Memorize the settings for five users according to the indicated terminals and procedures
  • Display settings by user name, terminal and procedure

Quantel Iridis 810nm Red Laser

The infrared wavelength featured on the Quantel Iridis enables a wide choice of ophthalmic procedures due to its depth of penetration and its low absorption in hemoglobin.

The Quantel Iridis laser stands out by its ergonomics and its ease of use in out-patient situations and in the operating theater. The Quantel Iridis dedicated software provides separate management of the different terminals for better control over treatment settings.

Quantel Iridis Laser Features

  • 810 nm, complementary wavelength
  • Simple use – intuitive software
  • Full range of accessories
  • Transportable (5 kg) – carry case

Properties of the 810 nm wavelength

  • No absorption in hemoglobin
  • No absorption in xanthophyll
  • Low absorption in melanin

810 nm, additional wavelength

This wavelength offers alternative treatment options for pathologies not amenable to treatment by 532 nm photocoagulator lasers:

  • Tumors
  • Damaged ciliary bodies
  • Retinal detachments

810 nm used in:

  • Posterior pole: ideal wavelength for photocoagulation in cases of hemorrhage or when a deeper penetration is required
  • Anterior chamber: cyclophotocoagulation

Our engineer has verified the laser’s operation and performed a PM.

Quantel Group

Quantel Group

Quantel, laser technology expertise dating back to 1970

Founded in 1970, the French company Quantel has one of the longest histories in a sector that began its development with the invention of laser technology in 1960.The Quantel Group has built up a global reputation in the field of solid-state lasers.
A pioneer in a field of on-going technological advancement, the Quantel Group has developed a unique expertise for designing, manufacturing and marketing innovative products. Over the last ten years, the Group has built up a reputation as one of the leading world specialists in laser technology for scientific (research laboratories, universities), industrial (micro-machining, measurements, military and spatial uses) and medical (ophthalmology, dermatology) purposes.In 1997, the Quantel Group joined the New Paris Stock Exchange Market.

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The Group’s technological expertise

With outlets in the United States, France and Germany, Quantel is pursuing its development policy by acquiring additional technologies.

  • In 1993, Quantel created a new subsidiary, BVI, which was a shareholder in Biovision, a company specialising in ophthalmological lasers and Ultrasound systems. BVI went on to become Quantel Medical.
    This acquisition united Quantel’s fundamental expertise in laser technology with Biovision’s expertise in the field of ophthalmology. This synergy gave rise to Quantel Medical, world leader in ocular Ultrasound systems and laser photocoagulation.
  • In 2004, C2J Electronique, Quantel Medical’s long-term supplier, joined the Quantel Group. This merger served to extend the Group’s technological platform to include electronics, computer science and image processing, thus providing the basis of excellence that underpins Quantel Medical’s high standing in the field of Ultrasound and laser technology.
  • In 2007, the Quantel Group took over WaveLight Aesthetic GmbH, which then became Quantel Derma. Quantel Derma is now responsible for Group business in the Dermatology and Aesthetics areas, and currently boasts the world’s largest range of equipment in these fields.

The Group recently extended its knowledge base to include new business areas, i.e., continuous fiber lasers and laser diodes.

Quantel’s innovation and quality strategy has driven the Group’s growth upward by a regular 25% a year over the last ten years. The Group’s customers and partners actively participate in pushing this development forward.

A Group of international standing

Through its subsidiaries Quantel USA and Quantel Medical Inc., the Quantel Group boasts a solid industrial base in the United States. The Group has successfully expanded onto the international scene. Today, the Quantel network counts over 110 distributors worldwide through a partnership strategy based on trust.

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