Laser Locators Launches National Training Program to Expand Distribution of LightMed Products

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Laser Locators Director of Sales Joey Colarulo leading a recent training session in St. Louis.

One of the nation’s top sellers of ophthalmic lasers to facilitate training sessions throughout the United States to educate companies about the LightMed brand

Tampa, FL – February 10, 2015 – Laser Locators, a leading seller of ophthalmic lasers and diagnostic equipment, recently launched a nationwide training initiative. Designed to strengthen their presence across the United States, this initiative focuses on the LightMed brand of ophthalmic lasers.  In late January, Laser Locators began its expansion efforts in St. Louis, where a training session with new sales partners served as the basis for increased sales and service of LightMed products throughout the Midwestern U.S. They will also host training sessions at the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery symposium in San Diego, CA. (April 17-21.) Continue reading

LightMed LightLas SYL9000 Yag Laser System

Fully refurbished by our trained engineer.  We are the exclusive service and sales hub in the United States for Lightmed, Inc.

System specifications:

• CE Mark approved according to MDD

• Compact and light-weight for portability

• Excellent Quality Optics for clear image and good laser delivery

• Full Slit-lamp functions including 5 step magnification changer

• Longer focal length for deep set eyes

• Micro processor controlled with many built in safety features

• CQ-YAG Crystal Laser Q-Switch for reliability

• Anterior and Posterior YAG Laser Offset of 500 Microns

Lightmed Lightlas 532 Green Laser System

The LIGHTlas Laser is designed with special features for ease of use in the office, mobile use and in the operating room. The LIGHTlas Laser is compact, safe, easy to use and is very adaptable to a variety of slit lamps and set ups.

The LIGHTlas Laser is designed with special features for ease of use in the office, mobile use and in the operating room. The key benefits that the system offers are outlined below. The LIGHTlas Laser is:

A key feature of the LIGHTlas Laser system is its adaptability as it offers the following options:

  • A detachable delivery system, able to fit a range of slitlamp microscopes options.
  • It can be attached to the LightMed SLT or SYL 9000 Nd:YAG laser providing the user with a single platfrom that has dual capability.
  • A dedicated Zeiss style slitlamp delivered version.


The system is compact, easily transported in the carry case and is immediately ready for action during mobile use.


Flexibility and compact design are features of the LIGHTlas Laser and are highlighted by the removable Control Panel that provides space saving option. The laser console can also be attached to the instrument table providing additional space saving solution. For added convenience a range of tables is offered including tables that provide wheelchair access. The LIGHTlas Laser fits a range of slitlamps and the removable Control Panel can be configured to suit the clinical setting.


To increase the precision of the treatment, all delivery systems are available with a micromanipulator if required.


The safety filter provides maximum protection while maintaining an excellent colour balance in the field of view.

The Ultimate in Adaptability

  • The LIGHTlas Laser is one of the most highly adaptable systems on the market and provides a range of delivery systems for the convenience of the ophthalmologist.The system is specifically designed to be adapted easily to different office environment, increasing its usability.
  • For those ophthalmologists that prefer dedicates instruments LightMed offers a fully integrated version of the LIGHTlas Laser based on the CSO 980 Zeiss style slitlamp. A range of table types are offered including a wheelchair access table.
  • The LIGHTlas Laser Delivery Attachment has been designed to suit a range of slitlamps and will fit most Haag Streit style slitlamps. For a full range of compatible slitlamps please contract your local distributor or LightMed directly.
  • A key feature of the LIGHTlas Laser Delivery Attachment is its ability to adapt to the LPULSA SYL9000 Nd:YAG laser used for posterior capsulotomy. A convenient and space saving feature, this allows one sliplamp to fulfil a multifunctional role.

Superior Performance:

One of the ways the LIGHTlas Laser delivers superior performance is by providing clear, crisp and high-resolution image quality with a well-defined and colour balanced field of view.Quality components also ensure superior performance as LightMed have used the best quality slitlamps and optical components available for the LIGHTlas Laser.

It can be used for Capsulotomy, Iridotomy and Selective Trabeculoplasty treatments.



(Laser Locators is a trusted reseller of LightMed equipment.)

LightMed was founded in 1991 to design and manufacture ophthalmic lasers for the treatment of eye diseases. They have built their business on the foundation of design, engineering and manufacturing of ophthalmic lasers available around the world. LightMed strives to provide high levels of ophthalmic lasers and clinical expertise for improved equipment design and development to support ophthalmologists worldwide.

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This company’s goal has been to bridge the light of lasers with the medical nature of science. Following this idea, LightMed’s mission is to become a leading supplier of ophthalmic equipment with a focus on lasers at the best value with the best technology. That goal has been infused into the development, manufacturing and distribution of their ophthalmic equipment. LightMed offers a line of different products but are best known for their YAG laser such as the LIGHTLas YAG and combination lasers like the LightLas Deux SLT/Yag Laser System. LightMed is known for a upgradable YAG laser to YAG combination systems (such as YAG/SLT and YAG/photocoagulators and YAG/SLT/photogulator).To learn more about LightMed and the ophthalmic equipment they offer, visit their company page.

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