Leica Heerbrugg M820 on F19 Stand Ophthalmic Microscope w Observation Oculars

Fully Refurbished Leica Heerbrugg M820 F19 Surgical Ophthalmic Microscope with Observation Oculars

Thank you for viewing our listing for this Leica M820  on an F19 rolling stand.  
This Ophthalmic Microscope has been fully tested and refurbished by our staff, then serviced by Prescott’s to ensure accuracy, quality and reliability.  The head has been completely serviced, refurbished and tested by a trained engineer.  Full service report included. 
We guarantee this Microscope to be working to perfection with several parts replaced under our refurbishment process.
High performance that is easy to operate
The new high-performance microscope combines premium optical components and easy, comfortable use. The F19 stand features precise mechanical breaks that ensure consistent motion and firm positioning of the entire microscope system at the same time.

Finest optics & lighting
The Leica M820 F19 with the original APO-OptiChrome optics offers the best view based on a dual zoom system, maximum resolution, outstanding plasticity, brilliant depth of focus, high contrast and natural, true colors. Additionally, the original direct halogen light provides a bright & homogenously illuminated image. The unique double beam stereo illumination provides the surgeon with a steady red reflex and a three-dimensional image.

Simply functional
Ingenious functions for smooth procedures in the OR: the “Two-in-One-Screen” acts as a control unit and video display in one. More than 30 individual settings can be entered simultaneously – the current operation can be shown with only one touch of a button. Clever operation of the “Step Cycle™’” saves time: individual users can save zoom, focus, and light values, which are accessed at the touch of a button. If the microscope is placed in the top vertical position after surgery, the “Auto Reset” function will reset all start settings to zero.

Ergonomics & flexibility from A to Z
The term “Leica ErgonOptic” stands for a wide array of binocular tubes that meet the various requirements of every surgeon and assistant. This remarkable system, including a footswitch with either 16 or 12 functions, creates best conditions for an ergonomic workspace without fatiguing. The adjustable Leica Zoom Video Adapter always provides the surgeon and his team with the right picture. High-resolution documentation systems such as the Leica D2D V3 video and photo system, the precise Leica slit lamp, and the integration of the Oculus SDI/BIOM 3c wide angle observation system, as well as several laser systems give the Leica M820 F19 flexibility and versatility for any application.
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