Iris Medical Iridex Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscope LIO for GLX TX SLX Lasers

This Iris Medical Green 532 810 nm Indirect Ophthalmoscope is in great cosmetic condition. Our in house technicians have completely tested and verified all functions, they have also cleaned the optics and replaced the bulb. This LIO Indirect is designed to work with Iris Medical Iridex GLX, TX and SLX Lasers, please inquire for compatibility questions.

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Iridex IQ 810 MLT Red Diode Laser

The IRIDEX IQ 810 ophthalmic laser system is the next generation infrared laser solution designed to perform traditional and MicroPulse procedures, including next-generation therapy for the treatment of glaucoma.

Multiple Therapeutic Indications

The IQ 810 is indicated for retinal photocoagulation, laser trabeculoplasty, transscleral cyclophotocoagulation, transscleral retinal photocoagulation, iridotomy, and other diode laser treatments.

CW-Pulse (Continuous-Wave) Mode

CW lasers deliver a steady stream of laser energy, even with the shortest exposure duration. This results in a significant thermal rise and consequent coagulation used clinically for many applications.

MicroPulse Mode

With MicroPulse technology, the steady CW emission is “chopped” into a train of shorter laser pulses, whose “duration” (“ON” time) and “interval” (“OFF” time) are adjustable by the surgeon. A shorter MicroPulse “duration” limits the time for the laser-induced heat to spread to adjacent tissues, thus providing more precise confinement of energy delivered. A longer “interval” between each MicroPulse provides additional time for tissue to cool. The “ON” time during the total period of “ON” + “OFF” time is referred to as a Duty Cycle. Duty cycles are represented as a percentage, and are adjustable from .4% to 50%, or presets of 5%, 10%, and 15%.

Iridex Oculight SLx 810 Red Diode Laser

Iridex OcuLight SLx Red 810nm Laser System! This laser system is complete, portable and ready to be mounted to a Zeiss style Slit Lamp, but also available as a console only for use with an LIO or Probe, please inquire for details.

Tri-Mode Capability: CW-Pulse, Micropulse, Longpulse
This laser is ideal for larger mm spot sizes for TTP/TTT treatments (Transpupillary Thermotherapy Photocoagulation).
This system is complete and also includes a hard travel case on wheels for complete portability.
This diode laser serves as a single laser source for multiple delivery devices and applications, require little to no regular maintenance or special electrical/cooling, and allow easy transport with their compact design.



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A worldwide leader in developing, manufacturing, and marketing innovative and versatile laser-based medical systems, delivery devices and consumable instrumentation

IRIDEX Corporation was founded in 1989 and is a worldwide leader in developing, manufacturing, and marketing innovative and versatile laser-based medical systems, delivery devices and consumable instrumentation for the ophthalmology and otolaryngology market. We maintain a deep commitment to the success of our customers, with comprehensive technical, clinical, and service support programs. IRIDEX is dedicated to a standard of excellence, offering superior technology for superior results. IRIDEX products are sold in the United States through a direct sales force and internationally through a combination of a direct sales force and a network of approximately 60 independent distributors into over 100 countries.

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IRIDEX provides office-based laser solutions for your retina practice. With the patented MicroPulse™ laser technology now available with three different wavelengths, there is a treatment option for the most common retinal diseases.

Refurbished IRIDEX Equipment Currently Available for Purchase

Iridex Oculight GL 532 Green Argon Laser

Incoming inventory! This Iridex Oculight GL 532 Green Laser is in pristine condition. This lightly used 532 comes complete with delivery attachment, console and all accessories. These are very difficult to find on the used market and sell quickly. Contact us for more photos. Warranty included!

Pushing the solid-state laser technology envelope, the IRIDEX OcuLight GL produces a true, continuous-wave green (532nm) laser light for retinal photocoagulation. The advantage for the doctor over competitive products is a smaller overall package, unsurpassed reliability and a familiar clinical response.The design follows the successful OcuLight SL family with easy-to-use, intuitive controls and a stepped casework design that allows cooling in a tight environment.