DGH Technology

DGH Technology

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DGH Technologies is the acknowledged world-wide leader and the pace-setter for ultrasonic equipment for eye care professionals since 1982. The OHT Study used DGH pachymeters exclusively to insure accurate, reliable, reproducible central corneal measurements. The pachymeter exclusive measurement algorithm ensures perpendicularity of the probe transducer to with in 10 degrees.

Refurbished Equipment Currently Available for Purchase

DGH Ultrasonic Pachymeter Pachette 2 Model DGH 550

The DGH 550 (Pachette 2) is an ultrasonic pachymeter that uses echo spike techniques to measure the thickness of the cornea. This is the recommended method for obtaining corneal thickness measurements because it offers the following advantages:

  • Reproducibility
  • High accuracy
  • Ability to take measurements anywhere on the cornea
  • Measurements are not dependent upon patient fixation
  • Ease of use

The corneal thickness measurement may then be used in many different ways including:

Lasik and glaucoma screening, Lasik flap measurement, corneal edema check for extended wear contact lens patients, and pre-operative data for intrastromal ring implantation and radial/arcuate keratotomy.

The Pachette 2 was designed to provide a means of obtaining fast, accurate, corneal thickness measurements with an instrument that is simple to use, economical, and ultraportable. We invite you to read this manual carefully to discover how quickly and easily the Pachette 2 can be integrated into your practice.