ELLEX Tango Yag SLT Combination Laser System w Factory Power Table & Warranty

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The Ellex Tango is without question the gold standard for SLT/Yag combo lasers around the world.  This is the most desirable and most reliable SLT/Yag combination system on the market today.

Unit Includes

  • Full 1 Year US Warranty
  • Factory U-Recessed table
  • Manuals & Original Literature
  • Service reports
  • Laser Safety glasses
  • Dust Cover
  • Laser Warning Sign

Tango combines a full-featured SLT laser with a powerful, precise YAG laser, helping you to better manage both OAG and ACG patients, while also providing a highly effective solution for capsulotomy procedures.

Featuring a proprietary, patented dual-mode laser cavity, which allows you to instantly and reliably, switch between SLT and YAG modes, combined with a custom-designed power supply that maintains optimum system stability for greater shot-to-shot consistency.

Tango allows you to perform SLT and YAG treatments with improved accuracy and greater efficacy over the long-term.

  • Industry’s fastest firing rate at 3 shots per second: Proprietary cavity facilitates effective heat transfer and cooling, combined with rapid recharging of the pulse capacitors.
  • Precise adjustment of parameter settings at 0.1 mJ increments: Automatic calibration process, combined with a series of test-fire sequences, uses feedback from the system’s energy monitor in order to constantly adjust system output.
  • Lifespan of more than 400,000 shots: YAG optical Q-switch made from thermally matched, homogenous materials to withstand warping and erosion.
  • Greater shot-to-shot consistency: Custom-built YAG power supply with micro-controller and energy compensation algorithm.

Tango in SLT Mode

Tango’s SLT mode delivers a gentle, non-invasive approach for stimulating the generation of healthy trabecular meshwork cells and managing intraocular pressure without the burn and scar tissue associated with other laser procedures. SLT is a highly effective approach for first-line glaucoma treatments, adjunct therapy with drugs, and alternative therapy when drugs or surgery fail.

Tango in YAG Mode

Tango’s YAG mode features an Ultra Gaussian spot profile and fast rise time which allow you to perform capsulotomies and iridotomies at lower, more efficient energy levels — delivering less energy to the eye. The result is that you can perform capsulotomies with all types of IOLs and with significantly less risk of lens pitting.

Specifications SLT Mode

  • Laser Source: Q-switched, frequency doubled Nd:YAG
  • Wavelength: green: 532 nm
  • Energy: 0.3 to 2.6 mJ, per pulse, continuously variable
  • Pulse Duration: 3 ns
  • Burst Mode: single pulse only
  • Spot Size: 400 μm
  • Cone Angle: <3 degrees
  • Posterior Offset: not applicable

Specifications YAG Mode

  • Laser Source: Q-switched Nd:YAG
  • Wavelength: green: 1064 nm
  • Energy: 0.3 to 10 mJ, per pulse, continuously variable
  • Pulse Duration: 4 ns
  • Burst Mode: 1, 2 and 3 pulses per burst, selectable
  • Spot Size: 8 μm
  • Cone Angle: 16 degrees
  • Posterior Offset: ± 100 to 500 μm, continuously variable

Common to Both

  • Repetition Rate: up to 3 hertz
  • Aiming Beam: red 635 nm, adjustable intensity
  • Magnification: 10x, 16x, 28x
  • Cooling: air cooled
  • Electrical Requirements: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 500 VA
  • Weight: 31 kg, 68 lbs (laser only)
  • Dimensions: 57 x 75 x 44 cm, 23 x 30 x 18 inches (laser only)


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ELLEX Tango Yag SLT Combination Laser System w Factory Power Table & Warranty