Why Buy Used Ophthalmic Equipment from Laser Locators?

Laser Locators has served doctors in more than 100 countries around the world with its high-quality ophthalmic equipment and after-market services. Since 2004, Laser Locators has proudly bought, serviced and sold high-quality ophthalmic equipment from top manufacturers in the industry.

We Stock the Best Ophthalmic Equipment

When you buy used ophthalmic equipment from Laser Locators, you don’t need to compromise. Our inventory includes diagnostic and surgical equipment from leading manufacturers including Bausch + Lomb, Ziemer, Zeiss, Ellex, Topcon, AMO, Alcon, and more. This diversity ensures our customers have access to a large selection of top ophthalmic brands that are trusted in the industry.

Our experienced sales team will guide you through the purchasing process and make recommendations that fit your practice needs.

All Used Equipment is Refurbished to Manufacturers’ Standards

All too often when you buy a used product, you purchase it in the condition its previous owner left it. Laser Locators is a full sales and service center. You can expect that each piece of equipment we sell is hand-picked, inspected, and tested by our technicians and engineers to ensure your order arrives in excellent condition both cosmetically and mechanically. We will provide a service report that will be packaged with each piece of pre-owned ophthalmic equipment we sell. This report explains the work our technicians performed, when the work occurred, any problems that arose during servicing, what parts were replaced (when applicable), and confirmation the product meets the maker’s specifications.

All Equipment Backed with a Comprehensive Warranty

We warranty our equipment within the United States for six months which includes parts, labor, and any other expenses. Please note that our shipping charge also includes insurance, delivery, and professional in-office installation by a Laser Locators technician.

At Laser Locators, we stand behind everything we do and only sell lasers and diagnostic equipment that we can warranty, service, or repair.

The Laser Locators Service Continues

When you buy used ophthalmic equipment from Laser Locators, the service doesn’t stop once you make your purchase. We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients, who can trust us as a resource, and a partner.

Discover the full range of the Laser Locators used ophthalmic equipment by exploring our online inventory. To contact a member of our sales team, fill out the contact form to learn more.