Top Ophthalmic Equipment for Treating Glaucoma

Glaucoma is the world’s leading cause of irreversible blindness, with more than 60 million people around the world living with the disease. Here are three pieces of highly effective equipment that Laser Locators is featuring in our high-quality inventory.

The Lumenis Selecta II SLT Laser

The Lumenis Selecta II SLT laser is a high-end, portable laser which conveniently clips onto most converging optics–style slit lamps. Laser Locators is a trusted reseller of Lumenis equipment, a company that began in 1970 and has since advanced the field of ophthalmology with many innovations in surgical equipment. Laser Locators also services and repairs various ophthalmic lasers, lanes, and diagnostic equipment, including the Lumenis Selecta II SLT. We have refurbished Lumenis Selecta II SLT lasers in stock and are ready to have it shipped to your office, almost anywhere in the world.

The Ellex Tango YAG SLT Combination Laser

The Ellex Tango YAG SLT combination laser offers quality SLT and YAG capabilities in one device with a rapid firing rate of three shots per second, the fastest in the optic industry. The ability to instantly switch between SLT and YAG modes makes this a gold standard around the world for SLT/YAG combination lasers. Laser Locators is a distributor of Ellex products, and our used combination laser includes a factory power table and full warranty on parts and labor.

The Zeiss Cirrus 4000 OCT Tomographer

The Zeiss Cirrus 4000 HD OCT Tomographer is also recognized for its speed. It features a high-definition interface to reveal key histology and pathology details at a glance. The high-definition OCT scans and LSO fundus images provide accurate and rapid visualizations of the patient’s eye and can be instrumental in detecting glaucoma and assessing the patient’s retinal condition. Laser Locators is a trusted reseller of Carl Zeiss Vision equipment and can sell and ship their equipment to ophthalmologists around the world.

A glaucoma diagnosis can be scary, but advances in surgical methods and equipment are giving hope to millions of sufferers seeking to maintain their vision. The Lumenis Selecta II SLT laser, Ellex Tango YAG SLT combination laser, and Zeiss Cirrus 4000 HD OCT Tomographer are some of the leading glaucoma surgical equipment available today.

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