The sun and cataracts

Just like when you have a smear on your sunglasses, having cataracts can feel like the same thing. Ageing is the main reason for the clouding of the eye lens, but excessive UV radiation is another major contributor. The World Health Organization estimates that cataracts account for almost 15 million blind people worldwide. About 20{0730eed075b45d9e50c00d6cd42dd08773e0164f29a45151808bf89051290974}, or 3 million, of these are most likely caused by UV radiation.

The lens is not solid, instead it is a soft capsule filled with water and protein fiber. The protein fibers are normally crystal clear but can wear out with age. They can become opaque, and UV radiation can also alter the protein prematurely.

Cataract development can be variable amongst individuals regardless of gender or race. The process is generally slow and initially may affect only part of the lens. In some cases it develops from the lens’s rim and grows inside, and in another the lens begins to cloud from the center. In any case, the growing cataract will eventually severely impair vision and frequently lead to blindness.

In the early stages, a cataract is viewed as only a nuisance. But soon extra lighting, different eyeglasses and protection from glare is needed. UV radiation protection should help slow the process.

Once the cataract interferes too much with the daily life, surgery should be considered. Eye surgeons replace millions of cloudy lenses with substitutes every year, and this safe procedure returns better vision to as much as 90{0730eed075b45d9e50c00d6cd42dd08773e0164f29a45151808bf89051290974} of patients.

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