Moria M2 Motor Handpiece

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Moria M2 Single Use Motor is an automated, mechanical, rotatable and 360° hinge-positioned microkeratome with disposable heads.

Designed for Outstanding Safety

  • Unique and patented design offers the smallest overall dimensions to fit deep set or small eyes
  • Perfectly balanced microkeratome, combined with small suction rings assures safe suction
  • A new sterile head for each patient
  • Pre-mounted blade = no handling
  • Pristine cutting edge for each patient: eliminates blade-handling and reduces the risk of inadvertent blade destruction
  • Designed for efficiency
  • Easy and quick set-up makes it simple to install the pre-sterilized head, making the M2 Single Use ready to go
  • Technique is the same for each eye
  • Reduces maintenance costs: eliminates the need to sanitize and sterilize heads between procedures
  • Increases surgical turnover: there’s no need to break down the instrument for cleaning/sanitizing, the M2 Single Use reduces downtime

Designed to be User Friendly

  • One-piece design, marginal assembly requires a short turnover time
  • Hinge creation is possible in any quadrant and direction (360° hinge placement) for reasons such as patient factors, physician comfort, or laser ergonomics
  • Automated and simple system allows for extremely short learning curve


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Moria M2 Motor Handpiece