Moria Evolution 3E Epi-K Microkeratome System

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Moria Evolution 3E Microkeratome Console w Epi K Motor & Rings
This unit has been fully tested and serviced by our trained technicians. This unit includes the Evolution 3E Console, Epi-K Motor, Two Epi-K -1 Rings, Foot Switch, Vacuum Pedal and Carrying Case. The system has been fully serviced including a new battery.

The Evo 3E is the most versatile system in the Moria lineup, and their most current console. This system is designed to run any of the Moria systems to include the Epi K (included), M2 (not included) and One Use Plus (not included).

MORIA’ s console offers a wealth of features to enhance performance, safety, flexibility, and ease-to-use:

  • Two forward speeds allow customization of flap thickness, as well as flexibility to manage various corneal geometries.
  • Two high performance pumps rapidly create stable vacuum.
  • Low vacuum option facilitates extremely gentle flap manipulation on reverse pass and secure globe fixation during laser ablation.
  • “Slow vacuum release” option provides gentle onset and release to minimize patient discomfort and potential retinal trauma.
  •  Runs on wall current, with built-in back up battery for uninterrupted use.
  •  Continuously monitors all key parameters and confirms status through visual and audible signals.
  •  Operates the Epi-KTM, the One-Use-Plus, the M2 Single Use and the ALTK-CBm System for corneal keratoplasty.

Moria Evolution 3E Microkeratome Console Specifications

  • Dimensions 430 x 240 x 190 mm
  • Weight 13.6 kg
  • Ambiant temperature 15°C to 35°C (59°F to 95°F)
  • Non-condensing humidity 45% to 75%
  • Voltage/cycles 115 V / 50-60 Hz
  • 230 V / 50-60 Hz
  • External fuse External fuse
  • Battery capacity and type (inside the control unit) Battery capacity and type (inside the control unit)
  • Fuse (inside the control unit) Fuse (inside the control unit)


  • The unique design and intelligent features of Moria Epi-K have made it the leader in the US epikeratome market(1).
  • Epi-LASIK is a refractive procedure performed with an epikeratome which mechanically cleaves the epithelium from the Bowman’s membrane, leaving a pristine optical zone for laser ablation. The epithelial flap can then either be discarded or repositioned, according to the surgeon’s preference.

Many surgeons have made Epi-LASIK their procedure of choice for surface ablation. With the Epi-K and the latest refinements in technique and postoperative care, Epi-LASIK produces faster healing and visual recovery than all other surface ablation procedures

The optimal design for safe, reliable separation time after time

  • Handpiece with two independent motors for fast separator oscillation and safe advancement rate.
  • Metal separator with proprietary edge geometry specifically for cleaving rather than cutting.
  • Disposable plastic head encases each separator for added safety and convenience.
  • Unique large applanation plate provides yet an additional margin of safety.
  • Several suction rings with adjustable stops to customize the epithelialflap diameter.
  • Large diameter suction ring for hyperopes, flat corneas, wavefront-guided ablations, and lasers requiring large ablation zones.
  • Single-Use suction ring option.

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Moria Evolution 3E Epi-K Microkeratome System