Office Greeter

Jakethedog Jake

Jake Bruno is Laser Locator’s Office Greeter and has been a loyal member of the team for six years. He commutes to work each day with his Mom and co-worker Danielle Bruno, our Operations Assistant.

Jake is an 11.5 pound 13 year old Yorkie who loves going to work each day at Laser Locators. In between watching the front entrance to greet our visitors, Jake spends his day walking around the office looking for someone to play with or get a doggy treat from. The first thing Jake does when arriving at the office each morning is run straight to Tayra Paul’s office for a treat. Then, he goes on to Cliff’s Royster’s office in our warehouse to get additional pre-lunch snacks. It’s something they all look forward to each day.

Jake is very well behaved and seldom barks at our guests when they come through the front door. We’re still not sure how he makes that decision. When he needs a potty break, he uncomplainingly stands at the front door until someone lets him out. He’s not allowed to spend anytime outside by himself, because he loves to chase birds. Like a few of our staff members, Jake also takes a morning and afternoon nap. He snuggles nicely in his doggy bed in Danielle’s office.

We invite everyone to visit our office to tour our 12,000 square foot state-of-the-art headquarter’s facility to view our inventory of lasers and diagnostic equipment and meet our great team. If you do, you’ll be welcomed first by Jake at our front door.