Moria M2 Single Use

Moria M2 Single Use Motor is an automated, mechanical, rotatable and 360° hinge-positioned microkeratome with disposable heads.

Designed for Outstanding Safety

  • Unique and patented design offers the smallest overall dimensions to fit deep set or small eyes
  • Perfectly balanced microkeratome, combined with small suction rings assures safe suction
  • A new sterile head for each patient
  • Pre-mounted blade = no handling
  • Pristine cutting edge for each patient: eliminates blade-handling and reduces the risk of inadvertent blade destruction
  • Designed for efficiency
  • Easy and quick set-up makes it simple to install the pre-sterilized head, making the M2 Single Use ready to go
  • Technique is the same for each eye
  • Reduces maintenance costs: eliminates the need to sanitize and sterilize heads between procedures
  • Increases surgical turnover: there’s no need to break down the instrument for cleaning/sanitizing, the M2 Single Use reduces downtime

Designed to be User Friendly

  • One-piece design, marginal assembly requires a short turnover time
  • Hinge creation is possible in any quadrant and direction (360° hinge placement) for reasons such as patient factors, physician comfort, or laser ergonomics
  • Automated and simple system allows for extremely short learning curve

Bausch & Lomb Zero Compression Hansatome Microkeratome

All of our systems are hand-picked, inspected, and tested by our technicians and engineers to ensure your order arrives in excellent condition both cosmetically and mechanically. Our system is sold complete with a refurbished power supply, heads, rings, carry case, and more accessories.

The Zero Compression Microkeratome does not compress the cut flap as the microkeratome advances across the cornea. As per FDA research, this technology has been shown to be the safest and best way to create a flap. This precise procedure saves corneal tissue by creating a smoother and thinner flap with less swelling. This minimizes any wrinkling of the flap by lid movements. It is gentler on tissues and reduces chances of epithelial erosions (corneal abrasion) and, therefore, it allows for quicker visual rehabilitation. The thinner flap it creates is a benefit for those who have large pupils, high prescriptions, or thin corneas.