Zeiss Visulas Yag II Laser System

Condition: Refurbished
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This laser is fully refurbished, complete with slit lamp, table and more. Our engineer calibrates the system prior to shipping and ensures it is firing at great strength. The Zeiss Yag lasers are of excellent quality and are very durable.


  • Type (CONFIGURATION) 4-point diode, 670 nm
  • Intensity regulation (AIMING BEAM) 5-150 µW in 20 steps
  • DIMENSIONS (HXWXD) CM, (IN) (DISPLAY) 62.3x 35 x 40 (24.5 x 13.8 x 15.7);
  • 12.8x 16.5 x 31.5 (5x 6.5 x 12.4)
  • WEIGHT, kg (lb) (DISPLAY) 11 (24.2)slit lamp, 4.5 (9.9) control unit
  • USES (STAINING POSTS) Ophthalmic posterior capsulotomy
  • Energy selection 10levels
  • Shot selection: Yes
  • Power output: Actual metered
  • Shot counter: Yes
  • Additional Features: (Alarms, high/low) Accumulated energy (resettable), service
  • messages
  • Calibration procedure (Interference compensation) Automatic
  • Slit lamp (DELIVERY SYSTEM) Zeiss
  • Current, a 0.8
  • Nd:YAG BEAM Operating mode (DISPLAYS/CONTROLS) Q-switched
  • Mode structure (Ag beam) Super-Gaussian
  • Energy range Single pulse, mJ (DISPLAYS/CONTROLS) 0.2-10; 25 for double
  • pulse, 40 for triple pulse
  • Length of pulse,ns (Energy range) <4
  • Burst, pulses/burst (Energy range) 1-3
  • Burst, hz (Repetition rate) 0.25,0.5
  • Spot size, µm 10in air
  • Cone angle, ° (DISPLAYS/CONTROLS) 16
  • Beam actuator (Repetition rate) Joystick,

OTHER ATTRIBUTES (Interference compensation) Posterior and anter- ior focus
shift of YAG beam is 150 µm; optical breakdown in air, <2.5 mJ; combined
532/Nd:YAG laser (VISULAS Combi 532)available; transportable; illumination
allows acquisition of retinal red reflex.
FDA CLEARANCE (Interference compensation) Yes
CE MARK (MDD) (Interference compensation) Yes
MARKETING REGION (Interference compensation) Worldwide


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Zeiss Visulas Yag II Laser System