Zeiss Visulas 532S with LIO

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The VISULAS 532s is a laser of many talents. It has been designed for laser therapy:

  • in the ophthalmologist’s office
  • in mobile use
  • in the OR.

VISULAS 532s is your guarantee of big performance in a small package. The system is solid state and is so compact and ready for action during mobile use.

VISULAS 532s is suitable for space-saving table or floor mounting, or you can simply attach it to the side of the instrument table. The control panel is detachable and can be slanted at whatever angle you find most suitable for your work. Also a good solution for left-handed users.

The detachable touch screen control panel of VISULAS 532s combines many ergonomic benefits for efficient, intuitive and reliable single-hand operation.

On the antireflective touchscreen – its brightness can be adjusted in steps – all parameters are visible with astounding clarity against a dark background. At long last, a system that defies room lighting!

Unique ease of use results from the combination of touchscreen and single-hand operation. After entering the parameters, you can continue to devote your full attention to the site of therapy – without interruption. The PowerPress function allows you to directly select the power setting without taking your eyes off the site of treatment.

This laser is also designed to connect with ease to the Visulas Yag III, making your existing Zeiss Yag a combi laser system. The laser light of VISULAS 532s is ideal for retinal photocoagulation. The laser radiation source is a diode-pumped, solid state laser with a wavelength of 532 nm. The robust solid state technology of VISULAS 532s offers many impressive benefits.

The energy comes directly from the power socket. With low power consumption, the “diode on demand” technology guarantees a long service life. Characteristic features of solid state lasers include minimum maintenance requirements and low energy consumption.


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Zeiss Visulas 532S with LIO