P2000Pro Surgical Pachymeter w/50MHz Probe

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The PalmScan P2000 Pachymeter is an indispensable tool for corneal measurements. It gives the user the ability to quickly and accurately measure at any location on the cornea. Unlike other pachymeters in the market today, PalmScan allows the users to verify the accuracy of measurements by displaying the measured echogram of the cornea in order to confirm the validity of the measurement.

With a 3 micron measurement accuracy, PalmScan P2000 is the most accurate device available today. It comes with a high frequency, high bandwidth 50 MHz probe which sets it apart from all other devices in its class and allow for measurements of ultra thin structures as well as ability to measure on diseased  corneas.

In the CCT mode, P2000 Pachymeter allows users to accurately measure the corneal thickness and calculate the adjusted IOP value based on the measurement. In addition, In the CMAP mode, a corneal thickness map can be generated based on the measurement of the cornea at 17 various locations. The measurements for left and right eye are stored separately in a convenient patient database.

This pachymeter system also has the ability to create a PDF report of the measurements and calculations and to send these reports wirelessly to a printer or to a EMR system.

Ability to measure corneas through the single use Pachy Tip Cover is another exceptional feature of the PalmScan P2000 Pachymeter. With the Pachy Tip Covers you can make most accurate measurements in a surgical setting without compromising the patient with cross contamination.

 PalmScan P2000 PRO has new and improved features to help your practice run more smoothly and efficiently. These new features have been received with the highest praise by our new customers and we invite you to experience it for yourself. The following new features have been added to the PalmScan PRO:

  • Additional internal rechargeable battery to supply probes that require higher power and extend operational time of the system.
  • You can also use an external charger while operating the device.  In addition, there are two ways to provide power, with a provided power supply and with a Micro USB charger.
  • The device also has a built in USB hub which allows up to 3 external connections to use different probes or with USB keyboard and mouse, or an external printer.

Also available as part of the PalmScan AP2000 A-Scan and Pachymeter system.

P2000 Pachymeter Features

Central and Peripheral corneal Pachymetry
50 MHz Probe (highest in the market)
264 MHz sampling (highest in the market)
Tip Cover Pachymetry
Dry Bed Measurements
Corneal Waveform Technology
Highest Accuracy
Fast measurements
EMR compatible
Generates PDF Pachymetry reports


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P2000Pro Surgical Pachymeter w/50MHz Probe