NIDEK YC1600 Ophthalmic Yag Laser w Integrated Slit Lamp Laser – YAG

Condition: Refurbished
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This laser is in excellent condition and has been completely refurbished by our trained staff. The cavity is well with in factory specifications and we include a full warranty.
This listing is for the refurbished YC-1600 without the power table but one is available for an additional charge.
The YC1600 is designed to fit on pretty much any medical equipment table, can be dismantled easily and transported or shipped almost anywhere. The Nidek Yag is one of the most reliable Yag lasers on the market. Our technicians have refurbished this laser at the component level and have verified all functions of the laser are working to specifications. Detailed service report is included with the sale.
Please take a moment to watch our video below to get a better understanding of our company and our refurbishment process.
The YC Series by Nidek is an amazing YAG and has a proven track record time and time again.
The NIDEK YC-1600 is one of the most reliable YAGs offered by NIDEK designed in particular for applications in posterior capsulotomy (post-cataract therapy) and iridotomy. However, the YAG laser is also used for trabeculotomy, anterior capsulotomy and for IOL polishing.

Fine Adjustment

The focus shift mechanism makes it possible to shift the Nd: YAG laser beam focal point posterior or anterior to the aiming beam focal point by up to 500 mm, in 25 mm increments.

Precise and Easy Aiming

The YC-1600 utilizes dual aiming beams that can be rotated at 360 degrees, permitting the targeting of even oblique tissues with greater ease and precision.
Compared to a conventional laser’s 650nm wavelength aiming beam, the YC-1600’s 633nm wavelength aiming beam offers superior visual sensitivity, which in turn enhances the speed and ease of operation.
The 633nm beam is also safer to human eyes since it achieves the same intensity of 650nm with half the power output.

Fast Operation

In addition to the single pulse, a burst mode is also selectable. Continuous firing at 2 or 3 pulses can be accomplished with a single activation of the trigger.


Test firing is automatically carried out when the system is started and when the energy is changed. The energy value appears on the display, permitting the surgeon to check the power level at any time.

Safety Features

Several safety features are incorporated to protect both surgeon and patient. These include a filter to reduce the reflected Nd: YAG beam to 1/100,000 or less, an emission indicator to show when the laser is ready to be fired, a diagnostic function to monitor the condition of the system and more.
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NIDEK YC1600 Ophthalmic Yag Laser w Integrated Slit Lamp Laser – YAG