Nidek Marco ARK-560A Auto Refractor Keratometer

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Nidek Marco ARK 560A Auto Refractor Keratometer Kerato Refractometer with Built-In Printer

Thank you for viewing our listing for the Nidek 560A ARK. This unit has been completely inspected to ensure all parts are functioning to spec.

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Highly Accurate Refractometer

The combination of the new measuring principle – Pupil Zone Imaging Method – and unique technology – SLD – offers high accuracy and reliability in refraction measurement.

1. Pupil Zone Imaging Method

The NIDEK ARK-560A / 530A / 510A adopts the advanced Pupil Zone Imaging Method for refraction measurement, which analyzes a wider area (Max. ø4 mm) to obtain more reliable and realistic data that is closer to subjective refraction

2. SLD (Super Luminescent Diode)

The ARK-560A / 530A / 510A uses the SLD (Super Luminescent Diode) and a highly sensitive CCD device for improved image quality. The images with the SLD are sharper and clearer than those with the LED, and the system offers greatly improved measurement capability even with dense cataracts and IOL implanted eyes.

The ARK-560A is the unique unit that provides visual acuity (VA) measurement. This function enables a quick checkup of a patient’s refractive error by comparing the subjective measurement with the objective measurement. Even corrected visual acuity on near vision is measurable with easy operability, which allows the proposal of progressive lens necessity


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Nidek Marco ARK-560A Auto Refractor Keratometer