Laserex LQP3106 YAG Ophthalmic Laser System

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LaserEx (now Ellex) LQP3106 (now Super Q) yag laser system, excellent refurbished condition. This laser is operating at 10mJ and our engineer just performed a fresh PM, alignment, optics cleaning and service. The power output is exactly to spec and the laser is firing beautifully. It was also recently serviced by Ellex.

Laser is fully calibrated to manufacturers specifications.

Laserex LQP3106 YAG Ophthalmic Laser System

Wavelength – 1064nm
Mode of operation – Q-Switched
Mode Structure – Fundamental
Burst Mode – 1,2,or 3 Pulse per Burst
Pulse Separation – 20 microseconds
Pulse Length – 4 nanoseconds
Energy – 0.3-10mj continuous single pulse / 45mj(max) triple pulse
Max repetition rate – 1.25Hz
Spot Size – 8 microns
Cone Angle – 16 degrees
Aiming Beam – Dual Diode
Magnification – 16X, plus options
Cooling – Air Convection
Power – 115V
Table Dimensions – 940mm X 470mm
Weight – Approx. 57lbs.


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Laserex LQP3106 YAG Ophthalmic Laser System