Canon CR-6 Non-Mydriatic Retinal Fundus Camera w Synamed Digital System

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The Used Canon CR-6 Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera Features:

  • Various Forms of Photography with Optional 35 mm Film Camera CR-RE, the Dual Polaroid Back Unit CR-PC Dual, or the Polaroid Color Bac Unit CR-PC2
  • Wide Angle Picture without Mydriatics
  • Ability to Save Images on External Image Recorder


Purpose: Photography of human retina
Type: Non-mydriatic type Optional unit 35 mm film camera CR-RE
Dual: Polaroid back unit CR-PC DUAL\ Polaroid back unit CR-PC2
External image recorder (Dual angle TV adapter CR-TA for CCD camera is required)
Digital camera (DCS adapter CR-DA1 is required)
Angle of view: 45 deg (37 deg when S.P. knob is turned ON)
Image magnification: 1.8 x on 35 mm film
Image Size on Film:
22mm (CR-RE)
72mm (CR-PC DUAL)
74mm (CR-PC2)

Minimum Diameter of Pupil Required:
4 mm (3.7 mm when S.P. knob is set to ON)
Working distance 45 mm (from front of objective lens to surface of cornea)

Examinee’s Diopter:
Without compensation lens: -12D to +15D

Compensation Range:
With “-“ compensation lens: -7D to -33D
With “+” compensation lens: +11D to +35D

Working Distance Adjustment:
Performed by aligning split pupil image during eye front image observation) and by using working distance dots (during retinal image observation)

Performed by aligning split bars

Monitor Built-in CCD camera
5-inch TV monitor

Power Supply:
110-120 VAC, 60Hz

324 (W) x 496(L) x max. 590(H) mm.

Mass: 24 kg


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Canon CR-6 Non-Mydriatic Retinal Fundus Camera w Synamed Digital System