Bausch & Lomb Orbscan IIz Topographer

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The Bausch & Lomb Orbscan II Topographer sets a new standard for precision measurement of the anterior segment of the eye. It is a fully integrated multidimensional diagnostic system that elevates diagnostics beyond mere topography. Unlike current topography systems which scan the surface of the eye at standard points, the Orbscan II acquires over 9000 data points in 1.5 seconds to meticulously map the entire corneal surface (11 mm). It also analyzes elevation and curvature measurements on both the anterior and posterior surfaces of the cornea.

The Orbscan II is one of the most technologically advanced corneal topography systems available. The output of the Orbscan II, called elevation topography, is a 3D mapping of the contours of the eye. Some diagnostic devices measure only the front surface of the eye. The elevation topography available in the Orbscan II enables clinicians to accurately visualize the shape of abnormal corneas, which leads to more accurate diagnoses and more consistent surgical results.

Orbscan II Features:

  • Capable of detecting and analyzing posterior corneal abnormalities where corneal anomalies first appear
  • Features dynamic, Windows-based platform designed to integrate continuing advances via upgradable software
  • Customizable quad maps show any combination of measurements in one convenient format
  • Slit scanning technology combined with an advanced placido disc system
  • Anterior corneal elevation and curvature
  • Posterior corneal elevation and curvature
  • Full corneal pachymetry
  • Simulated keratometry
  • White-to-white diameter
  • Offers critical information that eventually determines a patient’s candidacy for LASIK.
  • Assists the surgeon in analyzing the shape of the cornea and any irregularities that may exist on its front and back surface

Our systems are sold completely refurbished, calibrated and ready for use. We offer training, service, and installation on all B&L products.


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Bausch & Lomb Orbscan IIz Topographer